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A unique product enriched with oxygen

The springs in the foothills of Mount Aragats (the highest mountain in Armenia) are known for their high qualities.

Tsovinar natural mineral water is produced in the village of Sarnaghbyur (in Armenian "the cold spring"), located at the height of 2000 meters above sea level.

The natural water of the village, coming out of a cave, has been known for centuries for its curative qualities. People from different corners of Armenia and even from neighboring countries used to come here, knowing about the curative force of its water.

Thawed ice waters of Mount Aragats, passing through the Armenian tufa rocks, acquire qualities which distinguish it from other drinking waters. The natural filtration provides absolute cleanliness of the water before bottling. The natural composition of the water is preserved through the active forms of oxygen (ozone, ionized oxygen).

It is known that any, even good quality drinking waters, lose part of their qualities when going through filtration and bottling processes. For the preservation of the primary unique characteristics of the water we use the newest technology of water saturation with oxygen (structurization by ozone). Using active forms of oxygen is ideal because oxygen is the most important substance for human body. The applied technology repeats the processes of the formation of rainwater. The quantity of the dissolved oxygen in
Tsovinar natural mineral water reaches 30 mg/l, which is quite sufficient for storing it for a long time in unopened bottles, without losing any of it initial properties.

Bottled water Tsovinar, which combines uniqueness of a natural mineral water with applied technology, is a special product that possesses a number of qualities not inherent to ordinary drinking waters. The natural structure of Tsovinar provides easy and fast mastering of water by an organism. It secures the best biological compatibility with the human body, intense digestion, easy passage through membrane cells and the normalization of oxidation reduction balance in the body.

Tsovinar natural mineral water can be used by all age categories without any contra-indications.

Tsovinar natural mineral water has positive influence on the human body. It preserves the consumer qualities despite of the application of a unique technology.

Tsovinar natural mineral water is today accessible to you!



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